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Neoprene Protective Sportwear / Voll Will Enterprise Co., has been manufacturing top quality Neoprene rubber and supporting well-known brands for more than 31 years.

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Neoprene Protective Sportwear | Neoprene Fishing Boot-Foot Waders Manufacturer | Voll Will

Located in Taiwan since 1988, Voll Will Enterprise Co.,Ltd. has been a neoprene products manufacturer. Their main neoprene products, include Protective Sportwear, waterproof boot-foot fishing waders, hunting waders, heavy-duty gloves, custom motocross jerseys, braces and supports for knees, ankles and wrists, diving boots and wetsuits, which are suitable for water sports, fishing, hunting and medical supports.

Voll Will: more than 31 years of experience manufacturing high-quality Neoprene products and sporting apparel. Exceptional techniques in pattern creating and sizing, sampling, costing and delivering in exact schedule time frames. All members of the Voll Will team are devoted to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.

Voll Will has been offering customers high-quality neoprene products, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Voll Will ensures each customer's demands are met.

Neoprene Product Manufacturer

Protective Sportwear

Protective sportswear demands are growing day by day. Voll Will offers customers a complete series of protective sportswear which covers sports range from motorcycle to MTB, hockey, skiing and skateboard. The styles range are from stitching styles to new innovated technology VAPP (Versatile Array Protection Pads).
We offered complete service from pattern panels making, material sourcing to finishing products. All protective sportswear items and details are customized and well qualified stitched.

  • VAPP (Versatile Array Protection Pads)
    VAPP (Versatile Array Protection Pads)

    VAPP provides protection of all vital body parts whilst remaining lightweight with a snug fit. Without any compromise on durability, it is so thin to be worn as an undergarment like user ’s second skin. We believe these features will help maximize the performance of cyclists wearing the VAPP. +No_stitches technology +4-way stretch for extra comfort +Flexible pads moulds to the body +Breathable for all day excersize +Create your own pads design +Patent registered

  • VAPP-Injection

    The injection pads are developed for best protection level with air-through holes and light weight. It can stand the highest impact as motorcycle protection level, and also suitable for skiing, snowboarding and mountain bike. + High impact resistant structure + Maximum air through + Light weight + Durable to use on the outside + Suitable to fill inside the pockets + Customized color + CE Passed (EN-1621-1 Level 1) (EN-1621-2 Level 2)

  • Stitching Pads Styles
    Stitching Pads Styles

    Customized styles and details and protection pads could be made for any sports and provide suitable protection.