Neoprene Neoprene Sheets | Neoprene Fishing Boot-Foot Waders Manufacturer | Voll Will

Neoprene One of the view of VollWill Neoprene factory / Voll Will Enterprise Co., has been manufacturing top quality Neoprene rubber and supporting well-known brands for more than 31 years.

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Neoprene Neoprene Sheets | Neoprene Fishing Boot-Foot Waders Manufacturer | Voll Will

Located in Taiwan since 1988, Voll Will Enterprise Co.,Ltd. has been a neoprene products manufacturer. Their main neoprene products, include Neoprene Sheets, waterproof boot-foot fishing waders, hunting waders, heavy-duty gloves, custom motocross jerseys, braces and supports for knees, ankles and wrists, diving boots and wetsuits, which are suitable for water sports, fishing, hunting and medical supports.

Voll Will: more than 31 years of experience manufacturing high-quality Neoprene products and sporting apparel. Exceptional techniques in pattern creating and sizing, sampling, costing and delivering in exact schedule time frames. All members of the Voll Will team are devoted to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.

Voll Will has been offering customers high-quality neoprene products, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Voll Will ensures each customer's demands are met.

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Neoprene Sheets

One of the view of VollWill Neoprene factory
One of the view of VollWill Neoprene factory

Voll Will offers wide ranges Neoprene material includes CR, CVS and SBR grades. We can advise suitable Neoprene grades and thickness, hardness and also laminated fabric based on your products requirements with our more than 30 years’ experience and profession.
Neoprene are known and suitable for following products:
Medical and sports braces, diving and surfing wetsuits, fishing waders, swimming wears, gloves, boots, slimming pants, laptop sleeves, bags, waterproof socks, sport masks, and promotional items like can coolers, bottle coolers…etc.
For industrial usage, Neoprene is very good material for isolation and soft covers.

  • Neoprene – Physical Properties & Dimension - Neoprene sheets which are ready to be splited and laminated.
    Neoprene – Physical Properties & Dimension
    Neoprene laminating sheet - NEOPRENE CATEGORY

    Neoprene is normally classified in different qualities depending on its content of polychloroprene. Every manufacturer decides the different grades, but the most common qualities are: CR (100% polychloroprene), CVS (sometimes called also CS, a blend of polychloroprene and styrene butadiene rubber, SBR) and SBR (100% styrene butadiene rubber). It’s impractical to state which grade is the best, since each degree has different applications. Please continue reading to learn further...

  • Neoprene Packing - Neoprene sheets packed by crate.
    Neoprene Packing
    Neoprene laminating sheet - PACKING LIST

    Normally Neoprene is packed in rolls with cartons which are good to save volume and weight and also easy shipping. For requiring avoiding any crease and wrinkles from rolling, flat packing with wooden or Aluminum crates is available.

  • Neoprene Catalogue - Many textile and color choices for Neoprene lamination.
    Neoprene Catalogue
    Neoprene laminating sheet - COLOR SWATCH

    Neoprene sheets is suitable to laminate with many kinds of fabric to apply different usage and other processing like embossing to have stronger structure and for different kind usage. Please kindly check the catalogue and let us know if you need anything else which is not on the catalogue.