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Voll Will Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a neoprene product manufacturer based in Taiwan. Specialized in neoprene product production using polyamides, polyester, fir-skin, neoprene, different foams(such as X-Marr), special films, etc.

Neoprene fabric application including water sports, outdoor, fishing & hunting, sport & medical support, slimming & fitness products, S.G.S (Seamless Guard System) for snow sports and cycling protective gear(padded clothing) etc. Stitching neoprene for thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 18mm, also sourcing many different type of specialized functional fabrics, polyamides, polyesters, elastomers, or any kind of natural/artificial fibers including yarns with finishing such as moisture management yarn, breathable yarn, waterproof yarn, and anti-bacterial yarn among others, skilled in finding specific solutions for cutting and stitching products.

Voll Will has been offering customers high-quality neoprene products, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Voll Will ensures each customer's demands are met.

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Seal Tape

This useful neoprene garment was created more than one hundred years ago. Entirely created for leisure purposes, neoprene waders vary its uses from waterfowl hunting, fly fishing, and generally for any type of recreational fishing.
One of the most important features to focus on neoprene Waders manufacturing is the waterproofing.
For accomplish a 100% waterproof on the neoprene waders production, it is indispensable to heat press the seal tape on the stitching lines. It might put the user in danger if the stitching and sealing quality is not 100% waterproof. At Voll Will, we constantly train our workers to ensure they have the expertise to do the job without mistakes.

The proceeding of Seal Tape

STEP.1 : to glue two pieces of neoprene

Seal Tape Step 1 Gluing

STEP.2 : to use the auto clip for sticking stronger

Seal Tape Step 2 Auto Clip

STEP.3 : to heat the tape on the glue line

Seal Tape Step 3 Tape Machine

STEP.4 : the finished seal tape

Seal Tape Step 4 Finished Seal Tape
  • Waterproof test
    Waterproof test
    Waterproof Test

    To make sure the seal tape is 100% waterproof, the test is not avoided even though it is a very complicated work. We must test one by one for every product no matter how many they are.