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Voll Will's Boots | Neoprene Fabric Products

Taiwan-based, Voll Will Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a neoprene rubber sheet manufacturer for Boots from Taiwan. Along with neoprene product for diving and hunting, there are slimming sauna pants and knee supports for sport.

With 26 years of neoprene sheet manufacturing experience, Voll Will provides a great selection of neoprene fabric products using polyamides, polyester, elastomers, neoprene, different foams, films and other materials.

Voll Will's neoprene sheet products are widely applied to various industries, including water sports, fishing and hunting, sports and medical support, slimming and fitness, winter sports and cycling protective gear since 1988.

Voll Will: more than 25 years of experience manufacturing high-quality Neoprene products and sporting apparel. Exceptional techniques in pattern creating and sizing, sampling, costing and delivering in exact schedule time frames. All members of the Voll Will team are devoted to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.


Voll Will manufactures boots for diving, fishing, surfing, watersports, swimming, hunting, farming and many other applications.

  • Boots for Diving, Surfing and Swimming
    Boots for Diving, Surfing and Swimming

    Diving Boots are worn to protect feet from the abrasion of corals and rocks while keeping comfortable temperatures. Surfing boots enhances grip and avoids slips when standing on the surfing board avoiding injuries. Swimming boots are made to protect feet from injuries related to swimming excises.

  • Fishing Boots
    Fishing Boots

    Fishing boots are used with two purposes: keeping the feet under comfortable temperatures as well as avoiding dangerous slips when walking in the water.

  • Rubber Boots
    Rubber Boots

    Our vulcanized rubber boots are manufactured for many industrial uses as well as for hunting, farming and fishing. Affordable high quality with spacer fabrics (as well as titanium FIR-SKIN (r) textiles as inside liners) offering breathability without reducing comfortable temperatures.