Rush Guard

A thinner choice of protection. / Voll Will Enterprise Co., has been manufacturing top quality Neoprene rubber and supporting well-known brands for more than 31 years.

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31 Years of Rush Guard | Neoprene Product Supply - Voll Will

Voll Will Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a Rush Guard | neoprene product manufacturer based in Taiwan. Specialized in neoprene product production using polyamides, polyester, fir-skin, neoprene, different foams(such as X-Marr), special films, etc.

Neoprene fabric application including water sports, outdoor, fishing & hunting, sport & medical support, slimming & fitness products, S.G.S (Seamless Guard System) for snow sports and cycling protective gear(padded clothing) etc. Stitching neoprene for thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 18mm, also sourcing many different type of specialized functional fabrics, polyamides, polyesters, elastomers, or any kind of natural/artificial fibers including yarns with finishing such as moisture management yarn, breathable yarn, waterproof yarn, and anti-bacterial yarn among others, skilled in finding specific solutions for cutting and stitching products.

Voll Will has been offering customers high-quality neoprene products, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Voll Will ensures each customer's demands are met.

Rush Guard|Neoprene Product Manufacturer

Rush Guard

A thinner choice of protection.
A thinner choice of protection.

Rash guard is a popular garment for water wear, normally made of spandex/nylon or spandex/polyester blends. It’s a long sleeve shirt made for protection against rashes caused by abrasion. It can be worn by itself, or under a neoprene wetsuit.
Anti-UV fabrics are the best option to offers complete protection from the harms of sun light.

  • W/Plain Color - Standard and useful choice.
    W/Plain Color

    Blends of polyamides and elastomers, yarn dyed, piece dyed, bright colors are water sports athletes favorites.

  • W/Sublimation - Sublimation make all the design possible.

    Transfer sublimation allows custom made unique designs with full bright colors, no need to sacrifice stretchability nor comfortableness.


    Our signature “FIR-SKIN (r) Lycra” is a high stretchable elastomer fabric. The yarn has been infused with F.I.R. (far infra-red) Ceramic Particles, which makes our close fitting garments enhance health during sports activities. The ceramic particles within produce Far infra-red heating when the fabric is in contact with the skin. This helps to keep muscles warm and energized.